Here are some answers that I have provided for some common questions. If you have a question that is not found on the website, please go to the contact page and fill out the e-form to send in your question.

Thank you for taking the time to read this list of questions and answers.

What is your usage policy?

Kimberly’s images are not to be used in any way other than as intended by Kimberly. Kimberly’s art is not allowed to be downloaded, modified, or reproduced in any way without written permission. This also includes using the images to paint or draw yourself. Absolutely no stationery, layouts/web sets, tubes, brushes, or signature tags.

Do you have royalty free or stock photographs?

Sorry, not at this time.

Are your originals for sale?

Sorry, Kimberly is not offering original artwork for sale at this time.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Not personally, but there are affiliate programs where Kimberly’s artwork is sold.

Please visit Zazzle.com and/or Society6 to sign up for the affiliate program and visit my profile(s) to create your link(s) and start earning some extra money.

Do you have a mailing list?

There is no mailing list, but you can receive updates about new posts that have been added to the blog (see the follow button on the blog page), or follow me on a social networking website, see the list on the ‘About’ page.

Can I link to your website?

Yes, please do! 🙂 You can add a text link to your webpage. Please use the website address, https://kimberlyjtilleyphotography.wordpress.com. Thank you!
Sorry, there are no banners or icons available to use at this time.

Do you have a guest book?

Sorry, I do not.

How can I add a comment to your photograph?

There is a comment section on each gallery page, where you may post your thoughts of the image(s). Alternatively, you may leave comments on the photographs posted to any of the galleries or social networking website that I have joined. (The list is on my ‘About’ page)

Are you for hire?

Sorry, not at this time.

What if I see your art being misused?

Please notify Kimberly right away about the situation by filling out the e-form on the contact page.

Are your photos available offline?

Sorry, you cannot find Kimberly’s photos in any retail store. Kimberly does not wish for her artworks to be mass-produced. She thinks it’s better for the environment if her photographs were only printed upon request.

Do you have gallery showings?

Sorry, Kimberly is not seeking representation from art galleries at this time.

Between her busy mom life, her husband’s career, creating and promoting her artwork there is no time to schedule gallery showings.

Where is your favorite place to photograph?

The woods. Forests have everything I am looking for; flowers, animals, scenery, interesting shapes and lines.

Who was/is your inspiration?

Ansel Adams, is my all time favorite photographer. Also the photographers working for NatGeo, Discovery, Mutual Omaha (they have the best jobs). Those programs were the only TV shows I wanted to watched growing up.

What camera do you recommend?

When I get this question, my recommendation to people is for them to stick with the old brands such as, Nikon, Pentax, Hasselblad. They have been around a very long time, they know what they are doing. But I don’t know what your price range is or how you plan to handle the camera. So, my advice is, for you to check out some of the product research companies where they field test every photography equipment that comes to market. A couple of guide sites I like are, Photographyblog.com, and Popular Photography Magazine.

Can I license a photograph?

Sorry, not at this time.

What is your advice for a young photographer?

Be creative, stay creative. Knowing the rules of photography is good, but thinking outside the box is better.

Be determined to succeed, but don’t get down if you’re not the next greatest thing in a gallery. These days, it is not easy to become a widely known photographer with cameras in every home.

Be aware of trends, but don’t let it become a compulsion. Trends are fun but not timeless.

Love your subject. If you are dreading what you are photographing you need to find an exit. Photography is exciting, but if you’re not happy, you need to decide what the problem is. A simple solution maybe a change of employment, or change of subject you most commonly photograph.

What have you not photographed, that you would like to?

In a quick short list, these ten subjects are what I am most interested in spending more time trying to photograph.

  • Wild wolves
  • the Everglades
  • Manatees
  • all National Parks
  • the Seven Wonders of the World
  • Victoria Falls
  • Northern lights
  • the Ocean
  • the Night sky
  • any local legends like Bigfoot or Nessy 😉
How do you carry all the equipment?

I use a camping/hiking photography backpack and I don’t take everything with me. I usually just take the DSLR or the SLR with me. It all depends on the weather, what I am looking forward to photographing, and if I have any film on hand.

Do you shoot in JPG or RAW?

My DSLR is set to RAW.

Do you use HDR?

No, I do not. I may make changes to the lighting of a picture, but HD photography is not for me. Sometimes it looks too fake to be real, or just plain strange. And without the use of an HDR camera, it takes too long to create an HD picture.

I see a photograph posted to your website, but I can not find it for sale. How can I buy a print?

I probably just have not posted the image for sale yet due to time restraints. Please send me information on the image and I will add it to my store for you to purchase.